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by mel starrs on March 14, 2008

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What caught my eye today, March 13th:

  • You will be doing harm by Mark Thomas – via Greenpeace, a Mark Thomas piece reprinted. Raises the point about being careful WHO you work for (companies) rather than WHERE (working IN a country being a totally different game than working FOR a dodgy government – see recent Liebeskind debate
  • Designing with Carbon Dioxide – via Greenpeace a Treehugger article on carbon emissions of materials. GEMIS tool sounds intriguing – would be interesting to compare with others out there.
  • From geeks to greens – Interesting article originally in the Economist looking at high flying techies who have swapped from Silicon Valley to green tech. Hopefully bringing the kind of thinking SV is famous for, and not any bubbles…
  • Twiddla – via Lifehacker (such a mistake adding them back into my feeds) an online markup tool.
  • Part L enforcement ‘shambolic’ claims industry body – Building – Paul Everall of LBAC rebuts claims and calls Part L sexy. Bizarre.
  • Solar power homes get the go-ahead for April start – “From April 6, all homeowners will be able to install microgeneration equipment, like solar panels, without needing to get planning permission, as long as there is clearly no impact on others.”