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Is Chris Cole the highest paid CIBSE engineer?

by mel starrs on March 25, 2008

in Industry gossip

Doing some research and I came across the wonderfully voyeuristic Business Week Company Insight Centre.

After the news of Zaha Hadid awarding herself £725,000 on a turnover of just over £10m I thought I’d see what the rest of the industry was up to.

I was surprised to learn to learn that WSP CEO Chris Cole is a Fellow of CIBSE.  Last year’s pay was £604,000 with further stock options bringing him up to greater than Zaha proportions of £736,000.  Turnover for WSP for 2006 (the year the pay is for) was £416.7m, some 40 times more than Zaha.  This year (2007 results) their press release announced “outstanding financial results” with profit increasing 43%!  Of course, this is the fun one can have with statistics.  In actual fact, profit margin increased from 6.8% to 7.8% – an increase of 0.8%.  Still good news and good figures for the industry, but not nowhere near as dramatic as 43%.

So, does anyone know of any other CEO’s of multi-disciplinary consultancies who are CIBSE and who get paid more?  I’ll keep poking around Business Week and see what I can come up with…