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Responsible Sourcing of Materials

by mel starrs on April 1, 2008


A phrase which strikes terror into the heart of any BREEAM assessor. Since the 2006 update, the responsible sourcing of timber credit got a makeover and included just about anything in the project. The credit guidance is the longest in the manual – from memory I think it is 12 pages but this may be my overactive imagination exaggerating the pain.

Turns out it was all a predecessor to the BRE’s new standard BS6001. Martin has a good summary here. I welcome the standard (pdf, 32pp.), but I would be interested to see if it becomes mandatory in the forthcoming revisions. Currently the cost-benefit of the credit (i.e. the effort it takes to undertake all the paperwork vs. how many credits you ‘win’) means few clients are willing to pursue this one.