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Virtual Book Group

by mel starrs on May 13, 2008

in Book Review

Just a quick note to let readers know I am proposing a virtual book group on the Building Sustainability Forum in a few weeks time.  As of yesterday lunchtime, 60 people have had a look, but only one responded to the post – anyone else up for it?

Wondering if anyone would like to try out a virtual book group on this forum? The idea is simple. Suggest a non-fiction book with a sustainability theme and a date for discussion. Go away and read the book. A couple of days before the date of discussion, the proposer outlines some questions for discussion. On the day of the discussion, everyone weighs in to answer the questions and throw in any other opinions.

To kick things off, I propose “cradle to cradle” by William McDonough & Michael Braungart.

If anyone expresses an interest (please reply below) I’ll post some discussion points on Tuesday 27th May, and have the discussion on Thursday 29th May. Then whoever wants can pick the next book.

Any takers?

I chose Cradle to Cradle as I know a few people might have it on their bookshelves already.  If not, try the local library or Bookmooch (none currently listed for mooching) for cheap/free ways to get your hands on it.  Or feel free to click through on the amazon link in the text above and then I’ll get some pennies to feed my book addiction…

BTW, apologies to anyone trying to read this in IE6 – the formatting is completely skew whiff.  Has been added to my list of things to look into…