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Code for Sustainable Homes and SAP software

by mel starrs on June 23, 2008

in Code for Sustainable Homes, Part L

Today I have been testing out Stroma’s new FREE software for Code for Sustainable Homes. It’s a spreadsheet tool which allows you to see the consequences of adding or deducting points from CSH. Something you could do yourself with an hour or two and editgrid or excel, but it’s nice to have a slick professional product to do it for you and it saves all that swearing when you realise you’ve wasted an afternoon creating a spreadsheet which already exists.

As an aside, I had a quick look to see what SAP software is currently available (the free CSH software sadly does not include this – too much to hope for). The latest changes in May haven’t trickled through to all software providers yet, and it was interesting to compare costs too. As usually, there is a lag between the big software packages which do more than one thing (i.e. IES, Hevacomp etc) and the stand alone software packages which have the advantage of being nimble. I used the exercise to try out Mindmeister (an online mind mapping tool).

I’m very impressed with Mindmesiter so far, but the image above may not show up in RSS feeds and if you’re reading on the website you may have to drag the image around till it fits in the screen. As a tool for sharing ideas online, it seems to be good. Any experience with or comments on any of the listed SAP 2005 software? I suspect most medium to large practices will be using one of the big 3 (IES, Hevacomp or Cymap) or else software which is aligned with the training provider for their accreditation (that’s a mindmap for another day…)

  • Daniel

    Hi, thank you for the information. I have checked the link to Stroma’s website and the spreadsheet seems to be no longer available. Is there any other place I can access that spreasheet from, please?

  • Marc Bradfield

    If anyone stumbles upon this page looking for CFSH software (as I did). It seems that you can now get it from Stroma via the following link . I needed something for working on tenders we are getting in currently and although only had a quick play this seems to fit the bill (although it is built for an actual assessor by the looks of it)