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My bookmarks for July 22nd through July 24th

by mel starrs on July 24, 2008

in News

These are my links for July 22nd through July 24th:

  • Target Finder : ENERGY STAR – Create building type specific targets based on US zipcode. Excellent resource, but be mindful the target is energy, not carbon.
  • New Buildings Institute – Getting to Fifty – There are no technical barriers, and few financial ones, to restrict the energy efficiency of most commercial construction from being at least 50 percent better than current code requirements. However, there is limited practical guidance for design teams
  • Advanced Buildings Home – Don't try this at home. Specification ensures energy reduction without modelling (US oriented – credits can be gained under LEED). In UK, of course, we now have SBEM. Modelling effectively mandatory…
  • Zero carbon houses cost up to £47,000 more to build – Building – As I flagged up yesterday, with a rather less sensationalist headline (slightly disappointed with Building on that one – not helpful in today's gloom and doom)
  • Ska rating: – Skansen Open Source fit-out assessment (BREEAM competitor). Still looks to be under development…
  • Is LEED still relevant? » Blog Archive » YoChicago – The pro's and con's of LEED are debated in the comments to this blog post.
  • RIBA CABE BSF – RIBA unsurprised at low quality of BSF design. RIBA "called on the government to let it road test the RIBA's alternative 'Smart PFI' model, which it claimed would 'would ensure design intelligence is deployed right from the start of any BSF programme'."