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by mel starrs on August 7, 2008

in Outlook, Wordpress and Other Tips

I’ve been a fan of for some time now. Regular readers will know I use it to pull in short comments on topical articles. It’s an immense time saver for me.

The website has been given a spruce up, and for me the best improvement is that the description field, instead of having the 255 character limit, can now hold 1000 characters. So expect fewer randomly truncated comments from me.

I know a few of you use and few others dabbled but didn’t find a use. I’d recommend giving it another go. As far as companies using it, I see Pellings are still active (although no posts since the end of May). I see it as a potential great communication tool internally, for those items which colleagues might be interested in, but don’t want an email (a pull rather than a push mechanism). If anyone knows of a proprietary system which will do a similar job without being ‘public’, drop me a line.