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by mel starrs on August 20, 2008

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What I’ve been reading about:

  • 7th Generation Businsses: Ecoprises? « Brightest Green Blog – Recycling provides employment: "The 36x return on employment that waste recycling creates seems to make good business sense on nearly every level."
  • McCloud: No chaos at Hab – Building Design – Kev fights his corner, in what seems to be a frenzy kicked up by the media to fill the pages in a slow August. Won't hurt of course that Kev has a new programme out – no such thing as bad publicity and all that. Which makes me wonder about who cooked up the furore in the first place. Cynic, moi?
  • Washed away by RIBA’s flood-risk housing design competition (The Foreman) – The Foreman blog over at CJ usually annoys me, rather than entertains (I don't think I'm their target audience), but this brought a smile to my face: "Call me an old stick-in-the-mud, but I'm not sure RIBA and Norwich Union's finest have really thought this one through. Surely the best way to make sure a house doesn't disappear under three feet of water every year is to make sure you haven't built your house in a flood-risk area in the first place. On that basis I've got an 'innovative and interesting' device that can be used to mitigate flood risk: it's called a 'hill'. "
  • Major Developers Back BREEAM for Central and Eastern Europe – "BRE Global is currently seeking developers who wish to assess their projects across Europe under the scheme during its first pilot year of operation. BRE Global will also be running scheduled training courses in various locations for consultants wishing to train to become BREEAM assessors internationally."
  • Plan for anaerobic digesters in every town to recycle leftovers – Times Online – via EST, anaerobic digesters, which seem to be gathering momentum this year. Anyone been to Ludlow?
  • What’s stopping us recycling? – The government-funded Waste & Resources Action Plan (WRAP) has carried out research investigating the barriers preventing a further rise in household recycling rates – and offering local authorities advice on overcoming them.
    According to WRAP, these barriers can be broken down into four distinct areas – physical, behavioural, lack of knowledge and attitudes and perceptions.
  • Code for Sustainable Homes – lessons learnt – Lessons learnt by the first four developers to design and build to the Code for Sustainable Homes on the BRE Innovation Park have led to the compilation of detailed guidance in a BRE Information paper entitled Applying the Code for Sustainable Homes on the BRE Innovation Park.
    Devised to help UK housebuilders deliver code compliant homes, the guidance is now being published in four-parts covering the following key areas: building fabric, energy and ventilation, water, and architecture, construction and sourcing. Part 1 of the Information Paper, Lessons Learnt About Building Fabric has just been published.
  • LEED 2009 now open for second public comment period- 8/19/2008 12:58:00 PM – Building Design & Construction – Interesting how LEED approaches changes to the system: "This product of thousands of hours of volunteer time and deep expertise generously given by representatives from every corner of the building industry resets the bar for green building leadership; the urgency of our mission has challenged the industry to move faster and reach further than ever before."