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by mel starrs on November 15, 2008

in News

What I’ve been reading about:

  • Green vs. Greed — An Open Letter to Green Building Professionals | Rick Fedrizzi on GreenerBuildings – "The greed that led the world economy into crisis will not defeat our commitment to good work. Fear will not dominate our agenda. And our commitment to change — even in the face of so great a challenge — will not waver."
  • Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy – "So maybe a recession is a good time to start a startup. It's hard to say whether advantages like lack of competition outweigh disadvantages like reluctant investors. But it doesn't matter much either way. It's the people that matter. And for a given set of people working on a given technology, the time to act is always now."
  • Not Exactly Rocket Science : Corals survive acid oceans by switching to soft-bodied mode – Fine and Tchernov's findings suggest that corals may be able to survive upcoming climate changes by adopting soft-bodied, free-living lifestyles. And there is evidence that they have used this trick before. The hard shells of coral reefs fossilise easily, but the fossil record still has large gaps where no reefs are found. These may represent periods of time when corals were biding their time in their soft-bodied phase instead.

    But while this new discovery is cause for hope, it should not be cause for complacency. Even though the corals themselves may persist in another guise, the vast diversity of species that depend on them may go for good if their reefs disappear.

  • London’s best free wi-fi hotspots – Time Out London – Great list of free wifi in London. Will be checking some of these out soon.