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by mel starrs on November 20, 2008

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What I’ve been reading about:

  • LSX – London Sustainability Exchange – The Environmental Justice and Inequalities toolkit is an electronic resource that will help build the capacity of policymakers and planners across London to take up good practice in tackling environmental inequalities.
  • The Long Now Blog » Blog Archive » “We would all be smarter if the world remains multilingual” – video – “everyone can do something to support a world in which a diversity of thought and a diversity of ways of speaking is encouraged and is fostered and is sustained. There’s no reason for people to be forced to abandon their languages. It’s one of the false choices of globalization to tell people that they must give up a small or minority or a heritage language in order to speak a global language like English. It doesn’t have to happen. We would all be better and smarter if the world remains multilingual.”