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by mel starrs on December 2, 2008

in News

What I’ve been reading about:

  • Population (Jonathon Porritt) – "And the mega-reality I'm talking about here is carrying capacity: how many people can the Earth’s resources and life-support services sustain on an indefinite basis? The answer to that is obviously determined in part by the level of consumption of each individual human being. But even if, by some currently unimaginable miracle, the richest people in the world today learn to lead what WWF calls "one planet lifestyles", does anyone seriously suppose that this would work for the next 3 billion people aspiring to live in the same way – and the next 3 billion who will be staking a claim on those self-same resources and services before 2050?"
  • H&V News – Flaws in SAP ‘cost builders millions’ – The Sustainable Building Association (AECB) has criticised The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) as inaccurate and says it promotes expensive technology at the expense of cheaper but more effective products.
    The association has predicted this will lead to at least half a billion pounds of inappropriate spending on microgeneration technologies.