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Welcome to the blogosphere

by mel starrs on January 12, 2009

in Blogging and social networks

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It’s been quiet on here and likely to continue for the next few weeks, partly due to the fact that I am studying madly for my LEED-AP exam. I’m also considering finally getting my ASHRAE membership sorted out, something I’ve been meaning to do for years.  The two go hand in hand, as ASHRAE members get a discount on key LEED documents like User Guide 90.1 (which is also the key energy standard referenced in Estidama and many other international building rating systems).

In lieu of me blogging, have a wander over to 2 new kids on our block.

Su (aka @SuButcher on Twitter) has started blogging over at Just Practising. Having followed Su on Twitter, I’m looking forward to posts longer than 140 characters!

And Liz Male (who many of you will know) has started a blog AND a Twitter feed. Find Liz at Footings or @LizMale.

Welcome to both, and they and others can be found on my blogroll under bloggers.

And if you’re reading this asking yourself what on earth Twitter is, perhaps you need to read Pam‘s excellent guide to social media (pdf – warning – LARGE file size).

I’m off to memorize a 400 page manual – see you on the other side…

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