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This week’s essential reading January 21st through January 26th

by mel starrs on January 26, 2009

in News

These are my links for January 21st through January 26th:

  • Eat Low Carbon Diet Calculator – Bon Appétit Management Company – via Guy Battle's blog – very neat pictorial site comparing carbon footprints of food.
  • | The Undercover Economist | I’m backing Britain – and everybody else – With my economist hat on, I disagree with sourcing materials locally for social or economic reasons. If there are environmental arguments (i.e. carbon) which override others, then fair enough. Tim Harford puts it in simple terms: "The economist Gary Becker has tried to calculate the economic costs of discrimination. What he found was common sense. When a large group and a small group discriminate against each other, it is the small group that suffers. The rest of the world could happily do without British products, but Britain cannot happily do without the rest of the world." The basis of the economic argument against local sourcing is comparative advantage (as explained in Tim's excellent book – Undercover Economist).
  • IPD Environment Code – Just in case you don't have enough standards, tools, codes and checklists, here's another: "Recognising the importance of environmental concerns, IPD has developed the Environment Code to help organisations deliver high quality environmental performance information about their occupied real estate.
    The Environment Code is a ground-breaking new standard for measuring the environmental performance of corporate buildings. Through the use of common terminology, the Code enables property executives to compare the environmental performance of buildings anywhere in the world. It is applicable to a broad range of property types from retail shops and offices to hospitals, universities, hotels and airports."