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Links for March 17th through March 23rd

by Mel Starrs on March 24, 2009

in News

These are my links for March 17th through March 23rd:

  • Built on Collaboration: Being disciplined – KPI's for use of extranets/collaboration tools – I love the idea of this. After all, what gets measured gets managed. However, will there be the temptation to file every email back and forth on where best to have the next design team meeting?
  • A/N Blog » Design for the Younger Set – A list of pop-up books for kids on architecture.
  • Review of the BSRIA Briefing – achieving zero carbon – "There was nothing magical about truly sustainable buildings, added McWhirter. They are simply better ones.
    "We don't need to sell people into deep green lifestyles or set them on the pathway to eco-enlightement," he said. "Sustainable buildings should be designed to be appealing, gentler on our pockets in terms of running costs, gentler on our health in terms of improved internal environment, and much more gentle on the planet."
  • How Green Buildings Should Look: Ken Yeang : TreeHugger – via lagavulin, a nice piece on Ken Yeang. BTW, anyone know if there is an actual difference between ecomimesis and biomimicry?