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Sustainability Now Champion (13-14 May)

by Mel Starrs on April 24, 2009

in Events & Conferences, Me, elsewhere

I'm a Sustainability Now championPhil Clark, Building magazine’s editor-in-chief of digital communities, (loving that job title!) has kindly asked me to be a sustainability champion at Building magazine’s Sustainability Now – a virtual event taking place 13 and 14 May. I’m not quite sure what this entails – I hoping for virtual champagne in the VIP lounge.

I took part last year but didn’t blog the event (seem to remember it was in the first or second week of July). There was some great conversations in the lounge (Phil blogged about it here). Given the liveliness of last year, perhaps champions will be virtual bouncers, throwing out trolls and watching out for flaming? Anyway, I’m looking forward to participating and have added a button at the side and above which should send you through to registration.

Content promises to include discussions on issues such as Passiv design, the zero carbon definition and the CRC.

Sign up now before you forget, and I’ll remind you all closer to the time too…