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Links for May 20th through May 21st

by Mel Starrs on May 26, 2009

in News

These are my links for May 20th through May 21st:

  • The Best Business Model in the World – Umair Haque – – "Yet, the best business model in the world is also the simplest: make stuff that's insanely great. Stuff that's insanely great does what Prezi does — amazes, enriches, and inspires. That kind of stuff doesn't need a hard sell, a new market, or a convoluted product range. It just needs to be."
  • How to Save the World – Another fascinating and brilliant article from Dave Pollard on complexity and scenario planning. He references both Dave Snowden and Euan Semple. A must read.
  • / Weekend columnists / Tim Harford – Switch to renewable energy? If only it were that simple – Another excellent review of Without Hot Air, this time by Tim Harford: "Dealing with climate change will need many small decisions to be made differently. The government cannot micromanage these. This is why a carbon price, whether set through taxes or emissions permits, is needed. It is not so much a nudge as a shove in the right direction."
  • Roger K. Lewis – A Perfect Recipe for Boring Buildings – – Short, succinct piece on why buildings built to regulations are boring rather than beautiful. Quality of design and beauty cannot be legislated.
  • A secretive bully-boy quango – Building Design – Glancey has a particularly violent go at CABE: "My own experience with Cabe — a quango too far, I believed, when Chris Smith, the former culture secretary, outlined the idea of it to me some years ago — is of a secretive, bully-boy body in cahoots with architects, developers and local authorities. Cabe’s report on the proposed Tesco for my Suffolk town — until now the happily independent Hadleigh, voted against by the overwhelming majority of the town council, the chamber of commerce and local people, and designed to replace age-old allotments and precious wildlife habitats on a beautiful water meadow — is a dismal piece of work as the architects who have read the report and visited the site unanimously agree."
  • JP

    great blog!

  • JP

    great blog!