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Links for June 15th from 15:51 to 19:56

by Mel Starrs on June 16, 2009

in News

These are my links for June 15th from 15:51 to 19:56:

  • Remember I’m the Bloody Architect: Into the Abyss – Poignant piece from Alice on the recession: "Desperate, and knowing only one industry, many buy vans with their redundancy pay and scratch a living doing jobbing work. Architects and technologists set up their own practices, tiny little one man bands, operating from the spare room or a corner of the living room. They make a living from loo extensions and tiny little alterations. The profession fractures into a thousand small peices."
  • WiredBiz | Epicenter | – Why consultants will be around for a while yet – clients don't have time to do their own job PLUS the work we do for them (which they *could* do given unlimited time and budget), and also want to reduce risk. Good to remember: "Under Anderson’s model, people will continue to pay good money to save time (that is, those who have more money than time will), lower their risk (such as paying to assure that their Second Life land will still be there, or that their operating system will be supported), because they love something (such as buying virtual items in free videogames), or to increase their status in a community."