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Links for August 7th from 14:13 to 14:37

by Mel Starrs on August 14, 2009

in News

These are my links for August 7th from 14:13 to 14:37:

  • Wales waives planning for micro-renewables – Building – "The changes will enable householders to install certain types of domestic micro-generation equipment, including solar thermal panels, ground and water source heat pumps, and flues associated with biomass and combined heat and power systems, on or within the boundary of houses and flats, subject to certain criteria.
    The measures go further than the authorities in England by allowing standalone solar panels up to the boundaries of properties, provided they satisfy certain height and highway criteria"
  • / World – Sceptic switches tack – Lomborg (much maligned anti-hero) is back and distancing himself from the climate change deniers. He's still going to cause waves though, on Copenhagen : "“Getting a deal will undoubtedly be very hard, but if we get better ideas on the table that are cheaper and more efficient [than emissions cuts for the rich] then there is a greater chance that we will succeed,” he said."