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by Mel Starrs on December 14, 2009

in Housekeeping

So I’m almost totally moved into the new pad in London and can’t quite believe I won’t be trekking up to Leeds every weekend any more. The upside is that all my books, files and clothes are now in one place, if not yet quite organised.

In the spirit of spring cleaning which moving house always kicks off in me, I’ve done some housekeeping around the blog too.

I’ve deleted the blogroll page, as a quick look at the stats told me no-one used it anyway. I’ve reinstated a proper blogroll down the side. Worth having a click through to some of them if you haven’t had a look at blogs for a while – there’s some good new ones on the list. If I’ve missed anyone obvious, let me know.

I’ve also upgraded WordPress (remembering to backup my database). Let me know if anything seems to have broken.

I’ve also hunted out all the links and notes I keep meaning to blog. Slowly working my way through them and scheduling some posts for the New Year. Between Instapaper, Evernote, the draft box of my blog and all my notebooks, I probably have a years worth of material sitting about, and that’s without reviewing the books (which are all still in boxes awaiting bookshelves – task for this weekend).