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Links for February 8th through February 9th

by Mel Starrs on February 12, 2010

in News

These are my links for February 8th through February 9th:

  • David Hicks Consultants Ltd – Industrial Roofing and Cladding Consultants – Hilarious Part L takedown to the tune of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody: "During the course of our duties, we are discovering most buildings do not comply with Part L2 ( non dwellings ) in one form or another. Due to the complexity of Part L2, we are finding very few fully understand its requirements and to such an extent, many are blatantly ignoring it. For this reason alone it makes a mockery of trying to reduce Carbon emissions." Click through for lyrics
  • NBS | Sustainability: A short history of sustainable development – "The Brundtland definition has spawned a series of sub-definitions to meet particular sector needs. Typical of these is that used by the practice of Foster and Partners, which defines 'Sustainable design as creating buildings which are energy efficient, healthy, comfortable, flexible in use and designed for long life'. The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) defines 'Sustainable construction as the creation and management of healthy buildings based upon resource efficient and ecological principles'."