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Links for March 26th through March 31st

by Mel Starrs on April 3, 2010

in News

These are my links for March 26th through March 31st:

  • My speech at The Economist (on innovation) « Scott Berkun – Replace innovation with sustainability – aha!: "Lastly, I need to talk about words. I’m a writer and a speaker, so words are my trade. But words are important, and possibly dangerous, for everyone. A fancy word I want to share is the word reification. Reification is the confusion between the word for something and the thing itself. The word innovation is not itself an innovation. Words are cheap. You can put the word innovation on the back of a box, or in an advertisement, or even in the name of your company, but that does not make it so. Words like radical, game-changing, breakthrough, and disruptive are similarly used to suggest something in lieu of actually being it. You can say innovative as many times as you want, but it won’t make you an innovator, nor make inventions, patents or profits magically appear in your hands."<br />
    The whole post is worth a read.
  • The road to delivering zero carbon – Modern Building Services – Interesting: "The truth is that zero-carbon buildings are still some way out of our reach because of our traditional procurement process, which creates waste and inhibits innovation. Unless we reform it, clients will turn to a new breed of company to deliver what we cannot. These companies will be focused on project outcomes rather than technical solutions — and that is where ‘traditional’ M&E firms must focus. We know we can do the technical things, but clients don’t care how you do it — they just want a sustainable and affordable outcome."
  • Legislating for zero carbon – Modern Building Services – "Trading-standards officers are also responsible for Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates — also imposed as part of the EPBD. All buildings now require an EPC on construction, sale or rent, and all buildings accessed by the public with a useful floor area of over 1000 m2 must have a DEC prominently displayed.<br />
    Many buildings do comply with this legislation — not all — but there is great concern about the quality of the EPCs being produced as they are not being created by qualified engineers, and the main motivation seems to be to tick the relevant boxes as cheaply as possible."