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Links for June 3rd through June 7th

by Mel Starrs on June 8, 2010

in News

These are my links for June 3rd through June 7th:

  • UNEP DTIE SCP Branch: Resource Panel – Quite: "Population and economic growth will hence lead to higher impacts, unless patterns of production and consumption can be changed."
  • Protocols for Performance Measurement Offered by Leading Building Groups – "A new book from three leading building industry associations provides a standardized set of protocols over a range of accuracies and costs that can be applied consistently to the assessment of building performance. Published by ASHRAE and developed in collaboration with the Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings identifies what to measure, how to measure it and how often it is to be measured for inclusion in buildings’ operation and maintenance plan."
  • House 2.0: Grant Shapps to define Zero Carbon. Really? – "But I fear he has inherited a poisoned chalice and hasn't quite grasped its nature. The reason its taken four years of "dithering" is that anyone with half a brain can see that there is not and never can be such a thing as zero carbon housing (at least as long as we continue to burn carbon to power our society), and that the Code for Sustainable Homes was based on a conceit. It was spin of the highest order, based on dodgy carbon accounting and masses of offsetting, so that a housebuilding programme could somehow be branded as "green". About as green as the third runway at Heathrow."
  • Blogs and Comments – Comments – Other Comments – Get down off your Dark Mountain: you’re making matters worse – The Ecologist – Solitaire of Futerra (in the bright green camp) takes on the doom-mongers of Dark Mountain (very much the same kind of thinking as Dave Pollard amongst others).