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The importance of filters

by mel starrs on July 5, 2010

in Productivity

I regularly cull my RSS feeds. And I must admit, I add in as many as I dismiss. One I keep trying over and over again is Seth Godin. He got added back in and then deleted again in quick succession.

This is not to say I don’t find his posts interesting. However, I trust other people who I read to point out the posts I will find interesting, rather than wade through 100% of his posts.

I had suspected my blog did a similar job for others. Rather than read all the blogs I do, you trust my opinion (or trust it enough) to task me to point out those articles of interest to you. Recently I asked connections on LinkedIn to recommend my writing as a blogger, and I was really pleased to find out my hunch seems correct. Thanks so much to everyone who commented and recommended.

It’s the Long Tail in action – and those who potentially win in the Long Tail are not those who produce the content at the narrow end of the tail, but those who aggregate and filter it.

Of course, there is a relationship which needs to be built up there.  You don’t trust me the first time you visit here. But eventually it costs you less time to come straight here than somewhere else.