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Links for July 20th from 14:35 to 14:35

by Mel Starrs on July 21, 2010

in News

These are my links for July 20th from 14:35 to 14:35:

  • Living with rats: Time: the hidden backbone of a Big Society – "A better way might be to place a higher value on what Beveridge called idleness and we now label worklessness.<br />
    To do so, though, would challenge the consensus that (paid) work is the solution to poverty. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and others have assembled extensive evidence to show that simply getting a job doesn’t eliminate poverty. But it has been unacceptable to suggest there might be real value and productivity in not having a job.<br />
    The concept of the Big Society might help our thinking here. If we want more voluntarism, neighbourhood activity and social capital, the greatest resource at our disposal is the time and energy of the economically inactive.<br />
    Not all have equal time or energy: but all have skills and talents that tend to be undervalued and ignored when they are not fee-earning. Many people already do a huge amount of informal or unpaid work: social care, looking after children, acting as good neighbours. We tell these people they should be in jobs instead."