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Links for August 4th through August 10th

by Mel Starrs on August 11, 2010

in News

These are my links for August 4th through August 10th:

  • Why there are too many public sector chiefs spoiling the broth – Catching up on Jackie's posts – spot-on again: "It is the uncomfortable truth that the only public servants we really want to pay out of our hard earned cash are those that could readily get a job in the private sector if they so chose. We need to apply private sector mores to those that survive the cuts: we need to review what public sector services we need, what delivery structures are most appropriate, what skills, behaviours, attitudes and performance we need from workers and how we should reward and recognise these."
  • Davis Langdon & Aecom: A history of mergers and aquisitions | Online News | Building – I *do* love a good M&A – nice potted history of DL: "Aecom have finally acquired Davis Langdon after months of financial wrangling. Both consultants have a long tradition of growth through mergers and aquisitions as their potted histories reveal."
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  • Green machine: Aircon that doesn’t warm the planet – tech – 27 July 2010 – New Scientist – Excellent article also covers ammonia and thermoacoustic(!!!) cooling: "Compressing CO2 generates much higher temperatures than HFCs – around 150 °C compared with around 60 °C. So Maidment and colleagues are investigating the idea of using the heat generated by CO2-based air-conditioning systems and fridges in supermarkets, for example, to provide hot water for nearby homes."
  • Thinking larger than local « – "The RTPI has gone into battle with 28 other groups to ensure the survival of strategic planning. Being careful to avoid any mention of ‘regional’ the new coalition has written to Eric Pickles calling for ‘larger-than-local level’ planning to be enshrined in any reforms to the current system. It’s an impressive array of signatories (and acronyms) with the TCPA, ADEPT, BPF, CPRE, CIH, CIC, CLBA, FoE, ICE, NHF, NHF, POS, RIBA, RSPB, Shelter and WWF all lining up to back strategic planning, some for very different reasons."
  • So You Want To Be a Green Building Attorney? : Green Building Law Update – "Green building is not a fad. But it is important to understand that green building is a subset of the overall construction industry. As "green" becomes standard practice, the term "green building" will go away and we will once again primarily refer to just "construction." Anyone interested in green building law should think of it as a niche within a niche. "
  • T?F – "The Green City Calculator measures the ‘greeness’ of the city and makes it comparable. This tool for sustainable planning will be developed in this studio. Studio is a collaboration of T?F and Climate Design and Sustainability<br />
    Challenge<br />
    We need to measure the greenness of our cities. We have a lot of labels for buildings. Two for neighbourhoods are in development. But so far, there is no tool to measure and compare cities. We need the Green City Calculator, because cities are crucial in the fight against climate change. We need to measure our effords to know if they have an effect. And to know where we are and how far we need to get."
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