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BREEAM 2008 and Part L2 2010 transitional arrangements

by Mel Starrs on October 12, 2010

in BREEAM, Part L

I noted in this post :

“A building which had an EPC of 40 under Part L 2006, gaining an Excellent under BREEAM 2008, does not automatically pass Part L 2010 “

At the time it wasn’t clear what the transitional arrangements were going to be with regards to Part L, especially given that EPC’s are not finalised until March 2011 (8th link down or here).

BRE have clarified the position in the most recent process note:

Projects registered to BREEAM 2008 after 1st October 2010 which are required to comply with Part L2a 2010 regulation 

These projects should use the version of the SBEM software required for Part L 2010 regulations i.e. the current version. This version will still output a CO2 Index for the purpose of an EPC rating and therefore BREEAM 2008 assessment of Ene 1.

It should be recognised that, due to the increasing standards introduced in Part L 2010, a compliant building will most likely achieve a higher number of BREEAM 2008 Ene 1 credits than a Part L 2006 compliant building.

BREEAM 2011 is due out in late autumn and will come into force 3 months after.