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Links for October 7th through October 12th

by Mel Starrs on October 13, 2010

in News

These are my links for October 7th through October 12th:

  • Energy Saving Trust heat-pump field report identifies key issues – Modern Building Services – ‘The main point of the report for me is that it reiterates what we as a manufacturer have been saying since we first entered the market three years ago — you have to ensure that the property has the appropriate levels of thermal insulation before you start. You then need to correctly size the system and the heat emitters, and you also need to educate the homeowner into how to get the best from their system.’
  • Critic’s Notebook – In Arabian Desert, a Sustainable City Rises – – Among the findings his office made was that settlements were often built on high ground, not only for defensive reasons but also to take advantage of the stronger winds. Some also used tall, hollow “wind towers” to funnel air down to street level. And the narrowness of the streets — which were almost always at an angle to the sun’s east-west trajectory, to maximize shade — accelerated airflow through the city. With the help of environmental consultants, Mr. Foster’s team estimated that by combining such approaches, they could make Masdar feel as much as 70 degrees cooler. In so doing, they could more than halve the amount of electricity needed to run the city. Of the power that is used, 90 percent is expected to be solar, and the rest generated by incinerating waste (which produces far less carbon than piling it up in dumps). The city itself will be treated as a kind of continuing experiment, with researchers and engineers regularly analyzing its performance, fine-tuning as they go”