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Links for December 2nd through December 7th

by Mel Starrs on December 8, 2010

in News

These are my links for December 2nd through December 7th:

  • Planning Portal – Government initiates new standards for new homes – “Work has started on a new Local Standards framework for new homes, the Department for Communities and Local Government has revealed. It will be developed and maintained by industry and councils but led by house builders.<br />
    The development Industry and councils will develop the ideas themselves, with Government help, to ensure the options proposed meet the needs of local communities, and don’t impose unrealistic burdens on developers.<br />
    The new local framework will be implemented through the National Planning Policy Framework, which will be introduced by April 2012.
    Currently house builders face a mix of building standards and codes attached to planning permissions. Ministers believe some of these extra requirements represent unnecessary ‘gold plating’, which can be contradictory and place additional costs on developers.
    In their place, house builders and councils will work together to develop a simple and transparent ‘menu’ of costed standards, ministers said.”
  • Qatar: From obscure desert kingdom to World Cup host – – “Central to their bid was a revolutionary cooling system that would use solar power to provide zero-carbon air conditioning to cool the stadiums, technology that has the potential to transform the lives of tens of millions living near the equator.<br />
    And it is the legacy that a Middle Eastern World Cup could bring that has arguably persuaded FIFA to take a risk on Qatar. After the tournament, Qatar has promised to dismantle the modular stadiums and rebuild them in third world countries who can’t afford their own.”