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Links for December 29th through January 4th

by Mel Starrs on January 5, 2011

in News

These are my links for December 29th through January 4th:

  • World Green Building Council – Common Carbon Metric Update – Interesting driver for common carbon metric – carbon trading: "A common metric for measuring carbon emissions from buildings will enable the global construction sector to actively participate in carbon markets and attract investment that may not otherwise been available, in turn delivering tangible carbon reductions."
  • News > At Greenbuild, Learn About New LEED International Program – "Over the years, the green building community has found many innovative ways to adapt the LEED rating systems to locally and regionally specific needs. Under the LEED International Program, a globally consistent set of LEED rating systems will ensure that LEED certification represents the same level of rigor no matter where a LEED-certified building is located. This global consistency depends on the ability of LEED credits to be applicable regardless of geographic or climatic region. Under the LEED International Program, this does not require a fundamental change in LEED or a rewriting of the credits; instead, alternative compliance paths will offer country-neutral ways to reach a credit’s intended outcome, allowing teams a non-country-specific option by which to earn the credit. The regional approach of the LEED International Program will incorporate global perspectives through the LEED International Roundtable, … "
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  • Why Energy Efficiency Does not Decrease Energy Consumption | The Energy Collective – "There are significant potential implications of high levels of rebound. One is that greater energy efficiency may be a net positive in increasing economic productivity and growth but should not be relied upon as a way to reduce energy consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions. …. One might even argue that energy efficiency is still important from a climate perspective, because when efficiency leads to greater economic growth, societies will be better able and more willing to invest in more expensive but cleaner energy sources. But in this way energy efficiency is no different from other strategies for increasing economic growth. What should be reconsidered is the assumption that energy efficiency results in a direct, net decrease in aggregate energy consumption when there is a growing body of research suggesting the opposite."
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  • Location matters when building green: New tools quantify how location impacts carbon footprint of building – – Brilliant. (I've never forgiven CSH or dropping the EcoHomes location based credits): "If you plop a green building in the middle of nowhere, is it still green? That's exactly what businesses, sustainability experts and planners are trying to find out. The growing "green buildings" movement is taking a new direction with the development of computer models that go beyond measuring a building's carbon footprint and attempt to quantify the amount of energy people consume to reach that building."