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Links for January 5th through January 10th

by Mel Starrs on January 12, 2011

in News

These are my links for January 5th through January 10th:

  • Eco homes: SEED Homes under the microscope – Sustainable Gov – "SEED homes are built to CSH level 4 and easily surpass the requirements of the most recent changes to the building regulations. The emissions associated with energy use are around 70 per cent lower than for a standard dwelling and through a combination of low-water usage fittings and rainwater harvesting water usage is only 50 per cent of that of an average home. However, SEED homes go much further than this, we require a broader measure of environmental responsibility. The SEED system uses a structural timber panel constructed in Wales of Welsh spruce and filled with insulation composed entirely of recycled newspaper (made in Gwent). Local businesses are, therefore, supported and emissions associated with transport are minimised. Trees absorb CO2 and this means that 16 tonnes of carbon is stored within the structure of a standard three-bedroom SEED house. All the timber used is sourced from certified sustainable sources."
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  • Trendspotting: the next big sustainability issues | Guardian Sustainable Business | – I do *love* a bit of transparency: "Command and control won't cut it any more. The result will at times be messy, barely manageable: think Wikileaks again. Scared companies will try, and fail, to stuff the genie back in the bottle. Smart ones, by contrast, will seize it as a golden opportunity to get close to their market and learn from their customers."
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