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Localism in plain English

by Mel Starrs on January 17, 2011

in Opinion, Theory and Comment

Wordle: A Plain English Guide to the Localism Bill

The second reading of the localism bill is today.

A plain English guide to the Localism Bill has been released today. I have pushed it through Wordle to get a flavour for what it says. (Click image for a larger version)

One word stands out – LOCAL.

OK then.

This guide describes the main measures of the Localism Bill under four headings:

  • new freedoms and flexibilities for local government
  • new rights and powers for communities and individuals
  • reform to make the planning system more democratic and more effective
  • reform to ensure that decisions about housing are taken locally

This document is designed to give an overview only. You can read the Bill and its explanatory notes in full, and follow its progress through parliament, on the parliament website (external link).

The document Decentralisation and the Localism Bill: an essential guide also gives further background. It explains how the principles that underpin the Localism Bill also inform other government policies.

  • Anne England

    Elected Local Mayors.  Full local CABINETS,  And all the entourage that goes with them.

    An extra layer of Governance to pay for in your taxes.

    To pay EU Fines locally

    400plus pages in the Bill if you want to read it. By the way, did you plead innocent or Guilty to those fines you will have to pay for?