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Links for January 19th through January 25th

by Mel Starrs on January 26, 2011

in News

These are my links for January 19th through January 25th:

  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • Modern Built Environment – New UKGBC task group on existing non domestic buildings looks to streamline DECs and the CRC scheme – Articles – Technology Strategy Board – "The United Kingdom Green Building Council (UK-GBC) has launched an “Existing Non Domestic Buildings (ENDB) Task Group”. The task group will make concrete recommendations to government in March 2011 on how to mainstream refurbishment in the UK’s existing non domestic building stock. The group will consider reforms to the CRC-EES including the use of DECs for reporting within the league table, as well as how to improve the DEC methodology and roll them out more widely."
  • Will LEED Recertification Address Energy Performance? : Green Building Law Update – The legal implications of LEED decertification would have been very messy. The idea of LEED recertification is a more manageable process that mirrors the current Energy Star rating system. And if the recertification system truly works as described, then a market should develop for the most recently certified L
  • How the science of behaviour change can help with sustainability | Guardian Sustainable Business | – Love this concept – the next big thing in buildings? Those who use the buildings we create have to behave in a way which maximises the potenital of the building – how can we make this really easy? "It's a delusion we can change peoples' behaviours. Instead, people change their own behaviours. Our role is to create an enabling environment and provide opportunities for people to become inspired by what their peers have achieved. When we offer people a chance to take a step closer to the lives, businesses or farms they dream about (and we make that change feel safe) then they'll do the changing for us."
  • Blog Entry – Going Green Is Not Easy – Remodeling Magazine – Good points – should green building be hard? "Over the last five years, thousands of builders and architects have been trained to use serious green building programs like LEED and MN GreenStar, and yet only a small percentage of them have followed through and built or remodeled green. The vast majority sits on the sidelines and complains about the challenge. They wanted a sales tool, and when they got a program that demanded they improve their building, inspections, and documentation process the majority flaked out."
  • A Difficult Character – Architects, Administration, Designers – Architect Magazine – "So far, he’s administered Myers-Briggs to about 125 architects. When he reached 100, he sat down to review their tests in the aggregate—and was surprised by what he saw. Among the general U.S. population, the most frequent types are, according to estimates by the Myers & Briggs Foundation, ISFJ, at 13.8 percent, ESFJ, at 12.3 percent, and ISTJ, at 11.6 percent. But among Gaarder’s group of 100 architects, just one was an ISFJ, and not a single one scored as an ESFJ.<br />
    By contrast, the most frequent type among the architects was ENTJ—extraversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. ENTJs accounted for a whopping 31 percent of the architects that Gaarder tested, despite the very low frequency of the type (estimated at 1.8 percent) within the general population."