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Links for January 27th through February 1st

by Mel Starrs on February 2, 2011

in News

These are my links for January 27th through February 1st:

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  • MPs attack planning changes | Online News | Building – "“The various changes to the planning system must be complementary. We therefore recommend that the development of the National Planning Framework and the National Infrastructure Plan, and the enactment of the Localism Bill, should be coordinated. The Localism Bill should not be enacted until the national planning framework and the national infrastructure plan are completed and active,” it recommended"
  • Planning Portal – Clark bangs the drum for neighbourhood planning – "The Localism Bill, the legislation which underpins the Coalition’s planning reforms, will be scrutinised by a committee of MPs sitting four times a week starting on 1 February. Their work will have to be completed by 10 March, Parliament has agreed."
  • LEED Automation Means More Efficiency, Fewer Consultants : Green Building Law Update – Same thing happeing to BREEAM – important to distinguish between consultants who offer assessment only and those who offer advice: "If LEED automation software streamlines the application process, then there will be less need for the services of LEED consultants. Additionally, as more developers, contractors and design professionals begin to use LEED automation software, LEED consultants will no longer be needed. The developers, contractors and design professionals will simply fold LEED administrative tasks into normal business practice; many have already done so. The remaining LEED consultants will fight for the scraps left over and will have to learn to use LEED software going forward."
  • Rising indoor winter temperatures linked to obesity? – Should we regress to pre-central heating days for our helth? Would save energy too!: "Lead author Dr Fiona Johnson, UCL Epidemiology & Public Health, said: “Increased time spent indoors, widespread access to central heating and air conditioning, and increased expectations of thermal comfort all contribute to restricting the range of temperatures we experience in daily life and reduce the time our bodies spend under mild thermal stress – meaning we’re burning less energy. This could have an impact on energy balance and ultimately have an impact on body weight and obesity."
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  • Building4Change : Price, performance and people: three challenges in sustainable housing – Good summary of the debate worth reading: "NHBC Foundation celebrated its fifth anniversary with a high level debate that focused on sustainable housing's big issues."