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Links for February 19th through February 21st

by Mel Starrs on February 23, 2011

in News

These are my links for February 19th through February 21st:

  • TEQs – David Fleming's TEQ's lives on.
  • House 2.0: More on Denby Dale: lessons learned – Do I link to Mark too much? Probably, but this one's a doozy I hadn't thought of before. Utilities pricing structures disincentivise low energy use (eg: Passivhaus) as first X units charged at higher rate than subsequent units.
  • Is Sustainable Design Wearing Thin? : TreeHugger – Excellent. I was going to clip an excerpt, but the whole thing rang true. Go read. Let's not become a cliche, folks.
  • Green-building certification does not automatically equate to energy savings – The elephant in the room re: certification: "The problem arises when designers (and building owners) get carried away, concentrating only on point collection. These projects tend to end up with excessive costs and unjustifiable energy expenses."
  • Are the wheels coming off Big Society? – Jackie has the best explanation of Big Society I've seen so far (not asking permission is a speciality of mine). Perhaps there's legs in this yet?: "It can be done. If you understand what you are doing. It is not about funding, and being supplicant, it is explicitly NOT about asking permission. It is about the judicial harnessing of community empowerment and assets, within the framework of the law. "
  • Is Water Conservation Sustainable – Interesting – cost of maintenance of water infrastructure may inform water conservation strategies.
  • Housing: Sustainable Development: 10 Feb 2011: Written answers and statements ( – Andrew Stunnell's reply to the question "what definition CLG uses for sustainable housing": "There is no single definition of sustainable housing as many different factors will bear on the sustainability of any particular housing development. The Code for Sustainable Homes is the national voluntary standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes, and applies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland."
  • Building4Change : BRE works with M&S to develop sustainable shopfit tool – Anyone know how this compares to SKA?: "The new tool, called LIST, will allow store designers, retailers and manufacturers to make informed decisions about the environmental impact of materials, products and processes used for shopfitting equipment."