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Sponge is looking for a New Volunteer

by Mel Starrs on March 4, 2011

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In my inbox recently:

Sponge is run entirely by volunteers, from helping at events to the Directors, by people who mainly make time around full time day jobs.
To support this we are looking for a volunteer who would be able to spend a day a week working alongside our Director Tom Randall to develop, organise and run our events, working from the Hub Islington, London.
In the past this type of role has been taken by someone looking to begin a career in sustainable development in the built environment.
We aren’t able to offer payment and we appreciate the generosity and sacrifice of volunteering, and also that many who would like to simply cannot because of financial limits. We are able to provide advice, contacts, opportunites to learn and the satisfaction of seeing an event through from inception. We are also able to provide the company of friendly, passionate people.
If you or someone you know would be interested in helping us or would like to finding out more please contact Tom at tom[at]