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Links for March 16th through March 21st

by Mel Starrs on March 23, 2011

in News

These are my links for March 16th through March 21st:

  • The ins and outs of green leases – “Before the drinks began to flow, a lively Q&A followed, the highlight of which was a debate over the use and value of BREEAM. Robert Rotbart of Derwent London questioned how its emphasis currently is on the initial achievement of the finished product, without considering the ongoing use of the space. If an ’Excellent’ is won, should it be consequently lost if the tenant and occupier haven’t maintained the building in a similarly environmentally responsible manner? This would certainly keep the industry on its toes, avoiding the ‘one hit wonder’ mentality, and would maintain the prominence of green issues throughout the duration of the building’s lifecycle.”
  • House 2.0: Renewable Heat Incentive: kicked into touch – Mark B’s reaction to RHI: “So it’s all a bit of a dog’s dinner. What started out as something like the Feed-in-Tariff for heating technologies is getting watered down to a mixture of a small installation grant and a bit of extra help with the bills. Arguably, this is what it should have been all along, as the supported technologies have questionable green credentials at best. But the problem is that the delay in implementing this incentive has contrived to all but cripple the small businesses it was setting out to support. And the consumer, especially the off-gas grid selfbuilder (who was potentially the main beneficiary of the RHI) is still left groping around in the dark as to how to heat their home.”
  • Making a Thermal Comparison – Brilliant article. A must read: “This article discusses the many issues you must first consider before comparing measured thermal values against simulation results, not just in ECOTECT but in any thermal analysis tool. It also makes a case for concentrating on relative accuracy in simulation rather than absolute accuracy.”
  • More on POE – Aedas Letter to the Editor – “The source of the confusion is that mandatory design calculations required for compliance with Building Regulations and EPCs currently measure a percentage improvement against a notional target, but these calculations do not fully address factors relating to building occupation and operation. With these calculations providing the bulk of design stage ‘forecasts,’ the result is that design calculations are optimistic when compared to actual consumption. Display Energy Certificates measure actual consumption – i.e. all the energy used in a building. This mismatch between reporting design and actual performance is not only unhelpful to track performance; it also means that mandatory design calculations do not highlight operational risks to energy consumption at the design stage, increasing the risks of higher than expected consumption.”
  • Guide to calculating the carbon emissions included in SAP from PHPP data – Useful calculation. Again, i’m impressed by the quality of blog posts from Bere.
  • consult people on design, not the principle – Interesting point: “What dawned on me yesterday was the fundamental difference between asking people what they think about a principle (such as whether a site should be developed) and asking them to contribute to a design (about how, not whether, that site should be developed). And the need to be clear about that when we’re consulting people.”
  • Camden Passivhaus Data Logging, First Results – I do love to see real POE data. well done to Bere for publishing.
  • Landlords to shun green standards – “David Slater, executive director of regeneration at the council, said: ‘We will not be considering going to code level 4 because the difference between levels 3 and 4 is the difference between a development going ahead or not.’”
  • Code Too Costly: Code Level 6 Live Debate | Information – Building | Building – interesting debate, featuring lots of usual suspects.
  • LEED Professional Exams now available in French / Les Examens Professionnels LEED maintenant offerts en Français – LEED is now available in French (as well as Englush and Spanish).
  • UK to slash tariffs for large photovoltaic schemes – FiT tariffs. PV has received much of the column inches but some good links in this artice for AD.
  • Russian environment: The “green rush” of 2011 | Modern Russia – “A parallel trend throughout the year was the growth of public interest in the environment or “ecology,” as it is roughly known in Russia. But there is a difference between these two terms. Ecology and matters ecological are, strictly speaking, related to living organisms and their biological cycles. The environment, on the other hand, encompasses a broader interpretation of everything surrounding us; hence “environmental” represents any factor or influence that assists in restoring nature’s balance. Unfortunately, this word is often lost in translation in Russia.”