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Links for April 15th through April 20th

by Mel Starrs on April 21, 2011

in News

These are my links for April 15th through April 20th:

  • PassivHaus: – 5 of 22 regions of UK passivhaus climate data (Region 2-6) is now available for download. Thames Valley, SE England, S England, SW England and Severn.
  • Foster & Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building In Morocco | Green Prophet – “The building is cooled without electricity with a system F&P call “earth tube.” Water circulated around the circumference of the building in underground pipes maintains a comfortable interior temperature. The first two BMCE banks are in Rabat and Casablanca, while a third in Fez is still being completed.”
  • Official: Corporate sustainability works – 18 Apr 2011 – News from BusinessGreen – “”While most of the companies we spoke to implemented sustainability strategies for brand reputation enhancement and compliance reasons, those companies have also benefitted from increased profitability, new and better quality products and services and improved employee morale,” said Vincent Neate, European head of climate change and sustainability at KPMG.”
  • Michael Meacher MP » Blog Archive » How is this nuclear obsession explained? – “Nor does the usual anti-renewables jibe about intermittency have force any more. The £500m BritNed cable linking Britain for the first time into the European super-grid opened two weeks ago. It is a high voltage direct current power transmission project which allows electricity to be transmitted over much greater distances than existing alternating current lines which start losing power after 80km. Britain is now part of the HVDC network which is the key to ‘weather-proofing’ the large-scale use of renewable energy.”
  • Netting saves birds at Chicago FBI HQ – – “Prince helped the FBI administration find a solution that protected birds while maintaining the building’s aesthetics. For the last two years special netting has been installed before each spring migration season and remains up through the fall, catching the birds before they hit the windows. The mesh is designed so birds don’t get stuck in it, but can perch on the netting and then fly safely away.
    “It does not compromise the look of the building nor the ability to look into or out of the lobby,” Prince said. “We no longer receive frequent calls for dead and injured birds at this building.”
    The FBI building isn’t the only LEED-certified structure to cause problems for migratory birds. Some of the more than 33,000 certified LEED buildings in the United States use glass to bring in natural light and save on energy. All that glass can confuse birds.”