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Links for May 5th through May 10th

by Mel Starrs on May 12, 2011

in News

These are my links for May 5th through May 10th:

  • Breeam In-Use | FM World – the BIFM’s Facilities Management magazine – Good summary of BREEAM In Use
  • Mark Lynas: Home » United Kingdom » Time to stop arguing and start decarbonising – Best summary of the CCC report I’ve come across – read this article, then the CCC report: “In essence, the report provides strong evidence for something which can never easily be conveyed in a headline: that a portfolio approach on energy technologies, employing the best and cheapest of everything, is the best way forwards.”
  • Reuse or Build New? Group to Gather Hard Environmental Data – – Looking forward to seeing this – anyone know of anything comparable in UK?: “The reuse of buildings is often touted as an environmental benefit, but solid, up-to-date data to support that idea is scarce. A new partnership hopes to change that by early 2011. The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Green Building Services, and the Cascadia Green Building Council have teamed up to generate a full report quantifying the respect impacts of value building reuse versus demolition and new construction.”
  • Review highlights major role for renewables in meeting UK climate targets – 9 May 2011 – Independent CCC report: “The review concludes that a renewable energy share of around 30% by 2030 would be appropriate, with scope for a higher share (e.g. up to 45%) depending on the extent to which renewable technology costs fall and possible constraints on deployment of low-carbon alternatives. It highlights a range of promising renewable energy technologies which could in future become competitive, including electricity generation from wind and marine, air and ground source heat pumps and the use of bioenergy for heat generation.”
  • House 2.0: Harnessing the energy of the DIY army – “What’s peculiar about the housebuilding market in Britain is the dominance of spec builders. In the UK, the big builders do deals in smoke-filled rooms with landowners and planners and carve up the countryside into mega-plots, and then serve up whatever they choose to build. It doesn’t really happen in other Western nations where the consumer has remained in pole position and builders have customised their output to fit consumer choice. Countries like Germany have a very different housing market where individual plots are quite easy to locate and develop, and the housebuilders compete for their custom, just like a kitchen or bathroom company does over here. There is no notion of selfbuilding in Germany, anymore than someone in the UK who orders a new kitchen is a self-kitchener.”
  • ODA eco-targets may apply to all public work | Magazine News | Building – “The tough sustainability targets used for the Olympics could be rolled out to all public sector construction as the government draws up a new green procurement strategy.”
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