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Links for June 15th

by Mel Starrs on June 16, 2011

in News

These are my links for June 15th from 08:45 to 08:45:

  • 2degrees : Home Truths: Domestic refurbishment – “Our focus is now shifting to the operational side of things. We are developing the web tool which will be used to operate the scheme and training courses for assessors. We are also working to streamline the assessment process to ensure that it is as cost effective and involves as little bureaucracy as possible.
    The aim is to integrate the actions required to achieve the desired BREEAM rating into the normal design process, so they add minimally to the work and costs involved. We are developing tools that will automate much of the process.
    And, we’re looking at pre‐approvals for particular house types and refurbishment techniques, which will allow building firms to develop refurbishment packages that can be rolled out across the country without each project being separately assessed. This is part of a full review of the assessment evidence requirements, which aims to make the process robust but not onerous.'”