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Links for June 28th from 14:52 to 14:52

by Mel Starrs on June 30, 2011

in News

These are my links for June 28th from 14:52 to 14:52:

  • USGBC Blog: Pinpointing the Best Stringency Level for a Green Construction Code – Some great posts coming out of USGBC right now: "If you map the current technical content, its trajectory and the development schedule of beyond-code rating systems like LEED, Energy Star and the Living Building Challenge, youll get a sense for where the ceiling is. The so-called ceiling is todays upper limits of what the building community is striving to build for the reward of a beyond-code label, like a LEED plaque. Naturally a LEED Platinum label describes a more vaulted ceiling than a LEED-certified label. Even still, you get the idea that beyond the push of minimum regulation, rating systems are pulling building practices and technologies into a space beyond the base codes, but at a level at which most firms can participate and compete."