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Links for July 8th through July 12th

by Mel Starrs on July 14, 2011

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These are my links for July 8th through July 12th:

  • Low Carbon Workplace UK – Yet another competing accreditation scheme for in use carbon (a robust contender): “Currently under development by the Carbon Trust, it is the first Standard that specifically addresses the operational carbon emissions of office buildings.”
  • Planet Positive – What is the Planet Positive Building Certification? – Intresting – a new certification from Planet Positive (Guy Battle’s project): “To achieve certification, developments must demonstrate a reduction of embodied and operational carbon and management of waste and water on site. Building must also provide a positive influence on the local community by investing and promoting sustainability. And each building must compensate for 110% of its embodied carbon, which has the ability to save hundreds of acres of rainforest.
    Certification helps introduce sustainability into each stage of the building programme, from tender and procurement to construction and occupation. It stimulates green design, innovation and supply chains and encourages occupier behavior change. Planet Positive developments deliver low carbon, sustainable buildings that can be less expensive to develop and operate and support zero carbon strategies.”