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BREEAM in Europe – Statistics

by Mel Starrs on July 25, 2011


A great report from RICS called ‘Going for Green’ Sustainable Building Certifucation Statistics Europe – May 2011 (pdf, 9 pgs, 5.86MB!). There’s four case studies – one each for DGNB (German), BREEAM (UK), LEED (US) and HQE (France).

My favourite piece of data comes from the really useful map I’ve shown above (click through and download the report from the RICS website for the full size image).

Note that the number of registered commercial buildings in the UK is around 4,000. This is a much more sensible number than the 200,000 quoted on the BREEAM website which I’ve always suspected includes all the EcoHomes (and possibly CSH).

Comparing this to LEED (who keep data live on the website, updated daily), up to 21 July 2011:

A total of 9,569 commercial projects registered. We’re still not comparing like with like (total global BREEAM registered projects would be required), but at least we’re getting closer.

It’s clear that BREEAM still leads the way (no pun intended) over LEED. Interesting that two of the non-UK countries which have their own local BREEAM schemes (Spain and Netherlands) both have a smattering of both schemes already – with Spain having 12 LEED to 3 BREEAM, Netherlands 8 BREEAM to 2 LEED. Norway and Sweden both have local BREEAM schemes in development (and Norway currently not showing any certified buildings at all). Local schemes in local languages is the way forward for BREEAM.

I was surprised that HQE in France (579 buildings certified) and DGNB in Germany (171 buildings certified) are both so low compared to BREEAM (but much greater than LEED). I would have liked to have seen data on the market penetration (% buildings certified versus built). Still very low I suspect…