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Links for July 21st through July 25th

by Mel Starrs on July 28, 2011

in News

These are my links for July 21st through July 25th:

  • Climate Change Tracker [CBI] – Buildings doing dismally…
  • Facebook: 85 Degrees in the ‘Cold’ Aisle « Data Center Knowledge – "Historically, most data centers operate in a temperature range between 68 and 72 degrees F (20 to 22 degrees C). In recent years large data center providers and industry groups have advocated increasing the data center temperature to 80 degrees F (about 27 degrees C)."
  • Solar Panels Keep Buildings Cool [Jacobs School of Engineering: News & Events] – "In a study in an upcoming issue of the journal Solar Energy, Kleissl and his team published what they believe are the first peer-reviewed measurements of the cooling benefits provided by solar photovoltaic panels. Using thermal imaging, researchers determined that during the day, a building’s ceiling was 5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler under solar panels than under an exposed roof. At night, the panels help hold heat in, reducing heating costs in the winter."
  • New map shows makeup of British landscape – "The results show that the main categories of land use, 'Arable and horticulture' and 'improved grassland' habitats, both take up a quarter of the UK's land area. 'Semi-natural grassland' takes up 13 per cent; 'mountain, heath and bog' accounts for another 16 per cent. 'Urban areas', 'coniferous woodland', 'broadleaved woodland' each make up a further 6 per cent, while 'coastal' and 'freshwater' habitats account for the rest."
  • 2013 Part L revisions – A Modest Proposal | National Energy Services – "So yes, let’s see Part L revised sooner rather than later. But rather than spending months debating intermediate standards, let’s get on with finalising the near-zero standard for 2016 and let’s implement it so that it comes into effect in practice in 2016 rather than years later."
  • Better building services the key to making non-domestic buildings zero carbon | Online News | Building – "The report says that there is no technical advantage in going beyond the fabric standards in 2010 Part L for non dwellings so efficiency gains would have to come from improved building services. It also says further work is needed to see what contribution improved air tightness and reduced thermal bridging can make to building performance."
  • Zero carbon rethink to drive energy demands | News | Inside Housing – "The Committee on Climate Change has now revised its approach in line with the new zero carbon definition, resulting in the 6TWh increase contained in its latest progress report, which was published last week."