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Links for August 25th through August 30th

by Mel Starrs on September 1, 2011

in News

These are my links for August 25th through August 30th:

  • New scheme to channel millions to UK carbon-cutting projects – ‘Our research and other evidence strongly demonstrates that UK corporates want to support carbon reduction projects in this country’, says Jon d’Este-Hoare of BRE, ‘there is also a ready supply of high quality projects in need of funding. ‘UK-based carbon reduction projects do not qualify for carbon offsetting schemes, but offsetting is not the only way – or motivation – for companies to support these projects. The reasons why companies want to support UK based projects are many and varied, for some it may be the opportunity to support projects which have a direct impact on the lives of their staff and customers, for others it may be about communication – solar panels on the local school are easier to understand than a carbon offset project overseas.’
  • EPC & Building Value – A market failure? | aftersputnik04 – Loving Gordon’s blog and the journey towards revising his paper. Read the whole thing, but here’s some interesting tidbits: “It is becoming clear that EPC and BREEAM labels are not having the desired marketing effect and 10 years of growing BREEAM awareness and the introduction EPCs have not created a discernable link between commercial value and environmental sustainability. … We wonder what, if ever, will create a tipping point to form a link?
    As EPCs are a consumer label, this all looks like a grand failure in trying to create market led change. In other parts of the property and building development communities EPCs are having an effect. Building design professionals are responding to client’s requests when commissioning buildings, for specific EPC label scores. … Legislation is a simple and straightforward driver.”