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MS Word tips – autocorrect for CO2

by Mel Starrs on September 9, 2011

in Outlook, Wordpress and Other Tips

Nothing* annoys me more than people getting the subscript 2 of CO2 the wrong way round (CO squared – grrr). Here is a MS Word tip from a colleague which should help:

・ Type a sentence with CO2 in the middle of it. (It needs to have normal text following it to prepare this AutoCorrect, otherwise all text you type after it corrects itself will remain subscript.)

・ Select the 2 and format it as Subscript.

・ Select the formatted CO2 (no need to copy)


Windows button →Word Options

Proofing →AutoCorrect


Click in Formatted Text radar button

In the small box under ‘Replace’, type CO2

Click Add and then click OK

Now when you type CO2 it will automatically subscript the 2

*Obviously not true. Lots of other things annoy me at least as much if not more…