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Links for November 2nd from 20:24 to 21:20

by Mel Starrs on November 3, 2011

in News

These are my links for November 2nd from 20:24 to 21:20:

  • IF11: How to Avoid 3 Common Pitfalls in Sustainability Initiatives | – Lots of good points in this article – for buildings, we have 2 consumers – the client and the end user – both are important: ""Consumers will never know as much as you do about a product," he said, which means "buyers will be skeptical." "Quality becomes the issue," he continued. And the way to address that is to provide quality and create trust with consumers by also providing the experience they wish to have."
  • The holy grail of Green Buildings – Real Estate & Construction – Australia – Interesting developments in NABERS – especially the phrase 'market leading': "However, by moving beyond the 5 star rating of "excellent", new buildings or existing buildings which are already operating above and beyond, the requirements for a 5 star rating will now have the opportunity to be recognised for this market-leading achievement."