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Links for November 10th through November 11th

by Mel Starrs on November 17, 2011

in News

These are my links for November 10th through November 11th:

  • The Low Carbon Kid: Big organisations’ carbon emissions made public for the first time – Good overview of the first CRC PLT and problems associated with it: "The CRC is now a straightforward carbon tax, but originally, under Labour, the proceeds were supposed to be recycled back into energy efficiency.
    If the value of an allowance were to be £12, then the Treasury would receive approximately £750m on initial analysis of these figures – significantly less than the £1bn it had said it expected to receive."
  • Scottish Government urges Coalition to rethink biomass policy | Power Generation and Distribution – "The Scottish Government last month proposed plans to remove subsidies from such plants because of concerns about the sustainability of supply – which may not be stable or secure if procured from overseas.
    Instead the proposed new Scottish Renewable Obligation Certificates will support the deployment of woody biomass in heat-only or combined heat and power plants, particularly small scale off gas-grid development.
    The Scottish review argued that large-scale electricity-only biomass is inefficient and would require more wood that the UK can supply."
  • Green Construction Board to examine future of DECs | Magazine News | Building – Mandatory DEC's not dead yet (GCB following on from IGT report): "At the Green Construction Board’s inaugural meeting on Monday it was agreed that measurement of energy usage in construction and in completed buildings would form one of the core topics for the group, including consideration of a possible replacement for DECs."
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Media Centre – CRC nets £734m for Treasury in first year’s results – “League tables grab the headlines, from a reputational point of view, but the devil is in the detail. The ranking is based entirely on the Early Action Metric, which is not a measure of greenhouse gas emissions. This means this year’s results overlook wider emissions reduction and climate change related activities. Some companies at the bottom of the table may have programmes in place which are already making progress in reducing emissions in their wider business.
    The Early Action Metric uses a 50-50 split of the percentage of relevant source emissions (mainly electricity and gas meters) in a certified carbon management system, such as the Carbon Trust Carbon