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Links for December 22nd through December 23rd

by Mel Starrs on December 29, 2011

in News

These are my links for December 22nd through December 23rd:

  • Code for Sustainable Homes – Planning, building and the environment – Department for Communities and Local Government – Now available on DCLG website – the CSH FAQ's: "This document provides frequently asked questions for the Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guidance manual. To aid clarity, it follows the format of the Technical Guidance and is split into separate sections. The FAQs have been compiled by the Building Research Establishment, and will be reviewed quarterly."
  • NBS | National Building Specification | Sustainability: Guest feature: Understanding the sustainable credentials of PVC-U – Interesting article, but doesn't address the toxicity issues which mean PVC is included in LBC's Red List: "If the environmental lobby was offered a new material or product that was fully recyclable, low carbon in production, low maintenance and energy-efficient in life they would probably jump at the opportunity. Tell them that this material was PVC U and they would no doubt recoil in horror.
    But sustainability runs much deeper. It’s much more than something being renewable or not, equally not all materials made from oil are inherently ‘bad for the environment’ – in fact made from 57% salt (which is clearly plentiful in supply) PVC-U makes great use of a finite resource – it’s a question of application. In an age when economic viability must also be considered alongside environmental sustainability, it may be time for a re-think."
  • Fuel poverty update « agendaNi – "According to the DSD, households in Northern Ireland spend approximately 60 per cent more disposable income on energy than the UK average, due to lower household incomes, greater heat needs and dependence on oil. Northern Ireland’s annual average fuel bill is £2,114."