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Links for January 2nd from 19:12 to 19:54

by Mel Starrs on January 5, 2012

in News

These are my links for January 2nd from 19:12 to 19:54:

  • Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd – Housing Energy Fact File – The report uses a wide variety of data sources, including the English Housing Survey/English House Condition Survey and the GfK Home Audit, and the Digest of UK Energy Statistics. The report also contains a number of estimates generated by the Building Research Establishment Housing Model for Energy Studies, ‘BREHOMES’.
    When we write the 2012 Fact File, we will switch to using CAR’s Cambridge Housing Model to generate energy use estimates for 2010. The Cambridge Housing Model is closely linked to SAP 2009, and it has been published for others to use.
  • Building must improve our communities – Daily Commercial News – "For example, is it morally justifiable today to participate in the construction of buildings which contribute to urban sprawl, or diminish the quality of life of their neighbours?
    Is the architect culpable if he or she participates in the destruction of an ecologically important wetland, for example, simply because the market demands it and bad municipal planning permits it?
    Is it justifiable to participate the creation of structures with inferior materials, knowing they will be sent to the landfill in thirty years?
    Is it acceptable to create buildings which overwhelm the scale of existing neighbourhoods, denying others access to natural light?
    Most of us have worked on projects of this nature at some point, although not one of us had this sort of work in mind when we embarked on our careers.
    Typically this work is neither professionally nor financially rewarding for architects, and serves only to fill gaps or keep a client happy."