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What was that about avoiding Boom and Bust?

by Mel Starrs on January 5, 2012

in Feed In Tariff

We’re still awaiting resolution to the FiT fiasco (the government have appealed the High Court ruling so basically we are all still in limbo – no-one knows what the current rate is – hopiung to find out by January 11, maybe…). In the meantime, Building have reported the numbers for PV installations over the last year. Hopefully no-one at Building minds that I’ve used their diagram as the basis for this post. Few words necessary, really – the graphs speak for themselves.

What would end up being an unfortunate headline heralded the start of the consultation. 

Worth noting the trajectory of travel at this point – rate of installation was increasing but at a fairly steady pace from September to end of October…

Just look at that increase!!!

The result being exactly what DECC wished to avoid. Greg Barker in the meantime is unrepentent, coining the rather unfortunate phrase ‘Environmental Taliban’ along the way. What a mess, Greg, what a mess…